Was my lawsuit to kick Lady Justice from federal courthouses “frivolous” as Judge Lorna Shofield ruled? Not so, per New York Times

Give this interesting New York Times’ piece, titled Supreme Injustice a read. It fully confirms what has been proven on this blog time and again – that federal judicial process is thoroughly arbitrary, that it has nothing whatsoever to do with evaluation of parties’ argument, that the huge lawyers’ fees that go into forming it are a waste of money, since judges do not examine it but instead invent their own argument for parties, and that “due process” is an utter farce.

Read also the readers’ feedback – the overwhelming gist of which being full recognition that impartial judiciary is a myth, and that courts are cynical political tools of control.

So while there is full consensus that impartial judging is a fiction, when I sued the US Justice Department to remove images of Lady Justice from federal courthouses as deceitful – which she most certainly is, representing as impartial the process which everyone (federal judges themselves including) acknowledge to be anything but – Judge Lorna Shofield immediately, without even waiting for defendant’s reply to the complaint, kicked it out of court as “frivolous.”

But was it frivolous? My personal litigation experience shows it wasn’t; the New York Times now states it wasn’t; New York Times’ readers’ agree it wasn’t.

Rather, the dismissal of the lawsuit was Judge Shofield’s exercise of the arbitrary power of the federal bench, and in her utter disregard for justice.

In any event, it was good to read a confirmation in the New York Times that I am indeed in the right, and that federal judges are indeed in the wrong – and that Lady Justice is a deceitful myth, and is got to go!

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