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"Due process of the law" currently employed in our federal courts is deceptive and fraudulent to the point of being surreal. On the one hand, images of Lady Justice, statements by judges to the effect that judges should "call balls and strikes, not pitch or bat," as John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court put it, and most importantly, court rules themselves, which require parties to present their argument and counter-argument in a rational and logical fashion seem to suggest that "due process of the law" is in fact that of logical and rational evaluation of parties' argument.

On the other hand, judges feel free to substitute parties' argument with their own imaginings as they see fit, and to rule based on those imaginings, rather than parties' argument itself, justifying their action by the self-given (in Pierson v. Ray) right to act "maliciously and corruptly" in defense of what they call public good.

To resolve this Orwellian double-think and double-speak employed by the full third of US government that is the judiciary, I attempted sue the US Justice department to remove images of Lady Justice and substitute them with statements that describe the actually-employed "due process of the law".

This failed, so the glaring discrepancy between the judicial procedure as symbolized by Lady Justice, and the actually-used one still remains; and the only remaining way to resolve it is to deny judges the right to engage in fraudulent substitution of parties' argument.

But his requires public participation. So please do provide your thoughts on what constitutes "due process of the law".

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