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Contact Your Elected Officials

If you have a story that is similar to mine, or just want to help, why not write to your elected representatives? Some of them are on the judiciary committee in either the Congress or the Senate; those who are not, can pass your e-mail to their colleagues who are. The contact information for legislators representing you in Washington is conveniently available at www.contactingthecongress.org – you can search by the full address, or just by zip code, or by clicking your state on the map.

Below is a letter that can be used; you can of course add your own particulars, and paste it into your senators' and representative's contact forms. So, please write and make a difference! Thank you!

Dear Senator | Congressman

I am writing to express my outrage over the fact that our federal judges, via the decision in Pearson v. Ray, gave themselves the licence to act "maliciously and corruptly" when adjudicating the cases brought before them. Practical litigation experience shows that "due process of the law" in judges' minds is not that of honest, impartial evaluation of the legal and factual argument presented to them by the parties (which is the procedure suggested by images of Lady Justice and, even more importantly, by courts' request that parties engage in rational exchange of argument and counter-argument as part of the judicial process). Instead, judges think they have the right to willfully substitute parties' argument with judges' own fantasies of what that argument ought to be, and to decide the case based on those fabrications. Such "process" makes mockery of any notion of justice and of rule of law, since it turns judges into parties to the case they are adjudicating, which is an obvious absurdity. The resulting procedure thus becomes nothing more than a Kafkaesque farce. Justice is of fundamental importance, and its systemic, legalized perversion by our federal judges cannot possibly be good, despite protestations from the judges that their swindles are to society's benefit. Doing injustice to an individual for the sake of some mythical "greater good" is a hallmark of Communist/Nazi regimes and their ilk, and has no place in the society like ours that claims to value human rights, and declares as highest good the "liberty and justice for all." We cannot speak of upholding human rights – which after all are individual rights – when our federal judges trample the right to justice underfoot, since there is no other way to safeguard individual, human rights than through courts. When the scale of justice is rigged by judges who've removed their blindfold of impartiality to arbitrarily fabricate their own argument on which to base their decision, there is no hope for having rights that are not just lofty declarations, but have real meaning. Please work on legislature that would annul the right of any federal official, judges including, to act "maliciously and corruptly," so as to end the licence of those whom we entrust with dispensing justice to corrupt it instead. The law should require that judges have the degree in logic, and judge by logically evaluating the actual argument of parties, not by inventing judges' own, trumped-up argument for them, and should clearly spell out the way to remove from the bench those who judge according to their whim, not logic and law. Please stop the systemic, legalized obstruction of justice by our federal judges.