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The lesson of Eilat bombing

January 29, 2007 Today’s suicide bombing of an Eilat bakery, in which at least 3 Israelis were killed, with the bomber’s family proud of his “martyrdom” (“We knew that he was going to carry out a martyrdom operation,” Saqsaq’s [the … Continue reading

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All problems solved with Halutz’ resignation?

January 17, 2007 Of all things, today’s resignation of Israel army’s chief of staff Dan Halutz and calls for resignation of prime minister Olmert and defense minister Peretz highlights defects in Israel’s government system. Here in the US, “political appointee” … Continue reading

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Is the ‘war on terror’ the ‘war on Islam’?

January 3, 2007 Some think so indeed. “Global War on Terror … is more appropriately termed the war against Islam,” suggested Colonel Tom Snodgrass, in his Rewriting the Rules of War. Islam being unquestionably the prime motivator of jihadi actions … Continue reading

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