Why did the Daily Beast censor this great advice?

Sometimes one bumps into a sheer mystery. Consider this piece I saw in the Daily Beast – about judges deciding cases where one of the parties is a company in which the judge has an investment, contrary to the (non-enforceable) court rules.

Judges are parties to the case they are adjudicating? As I know full well, that’s a routine, so I started reading though the comments. And right on top, was this wonderful heart-felt one:

neongranny Does anyone have respect for the court system in this country anymore?  If you do, you’re stupid.  And, if you think there’s only malfeasance in the higher courts, you are really a babe in the woods!  Of course, I live in the Land of Walker.  This is common everyday practice here…well…nowadays, it’s common everywhere.  What to do…what to do…

To which I replied: @neongranny I don’t know if your “what to do” is just rhetorical – but, as a practical step, I’d suggest you visit the site of the Coalition Against Judicial Fraud, www.cajfr.org – offering some really good ideas (like hiring logicians to do judging, not enthroning former lawyers) as well as providing a sample letter to the legislators to bring the issue of brazen judicial fraud (which is rampant in federal courts) to their attention.

This highly rational advice was censored out by the Daily Beast.

I wonder why…

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