A question for NY Times’ Nicholas Kristof, and for MSM in general

Mr. Kristof, a New York Times columnist, just posted a piece titled “3 Enemas later, Still No Drugs” built around a story of a Mr. Eckert who was intrusively searched by the police who suspected he hid drugs in his rectum.

I tried to post a comment, which was apparently not approved, yet raises a very good question for Mr. Kristof in particular, and for our media in general. Clearly, something is very rotten in the state of the media, if it refuses to post this comment:

Given that “the city and county settled the lawsuit by paying Eckert $1.6 million,” the headline should really have been “3 Enemas Later, a $1.6 Million Settlement.” As such, it is hardly a “story,” since, in the end, justice triumphed.

How about stories, which must be routine, where justice system not just fails, but deliberately denies justice? We don’t see those stories at all — judiciary elevated itself to some untouchably high level where it is simply not subject to journalistic investigation and criticism.

Yet, consider those facts: federal judges gave themselves the right to act “corruptly and maliciously” (Pearson v. Ray) and to substitute parties’ argument with their own fantasies, or with its exact opposite (Tsitrin v. Lettow, Tsitrin v. Vitaliano), thus — absurdly — becoming parties to the very case they are adjudicating.

So justice is a often a mere Kafkaesque farce, and always a judge’s whim; our constitutional rights are not really enforceable. This is a systemic problem, yet no one in the mainstream press wants to touch it (on-line, there is a site of the Coalition Against Judicial Fraud, cajfr.org).

Why are members of MSM willing to look the other way and not see a systemic social problem — that the judge is a “king” (in a democracy!) and justice is his or her whim, and needs not at all reflect what’s written in the constitution and in statutes, and that “public servants” that are federal judges are “corrupt and malicious?”

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