State judges to the police: don’t lie too much. Federal judges to federal judges: lie all you want

Talk of inconsistency. This interview, broadcast on New York’s WNYC radio station, tells us that state judges clamped down on police’s use of too glaring lies they now use to extract confessions from suspects.

Apparently, state judges see lies in negative light.

Not so, say federal judges. When used by the federal judges, they tell us, lies are good, and are to the public’s benefit.

Per federal judges, it is entirely appropriate for a federal judge to lie about parties’ argument, and to pretend in the ruling that the party argued something entirely different than what it actually argued. The federal judge does the public an even greater service when the he or she pretends that the party argued the exact opposite of what it actually argued.

State judges are wrong, and obviously know precious little about the proper judicial procedure; for, per the federal judges, the entire “due process of the law” rests on one glorious thing, indispensable for the public good: a Lie.

Lies are Truth. This is our federal judiciary’s worthy addition to great principles of governance already discovered and enunciated by Mr. Orwell: that War is Peace, that Freedom is Slavery, and that Ignorance is Strength.

Bravo, federal judges! What a splendid use of double-speak! What a marvelous Orwellian achievement! Bravo!!!!

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