“Faith” vs. “True Faith”

The prevailing western attitude towards another’s religion can be summed up as follows: “Is this your religion? enjoy it!” But many think along very different lines. “Your religion differs from mine. Mine is the true one, therefore yours is false. You are an infidel. Be advised!” This way of thinking, based on the notion of “True Faith,” is an obvious root of most of the world’s problems, past and present.

But does this “True Faith” have anything to do with faith?

Not really. Though similar in name, these two are the exact opposites. Because of the problem of the third party, the word “true” completely inverts the meaning of the word “faith.” Here is how faith differs from “True Faith:”

One is rooted in reality, the other in self-deception.

One enlightens us, the other makes us blind.

One requires thinking, the other forbids it.

One makes us human, the other produces zombies.

One results in democracies, the other in Communisms, Nazisms, Inquisitions, Talibans, Al-Quaedas.

One leads to God, the other to idol-worship.

So when will we be rid of terrorism? The answer is simple: when we do have faith – but are most careful not to slide into the dead and deadly, idolatrous morass of “True Faith.”

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