Do we hear what we say?

Give this NPR segment a listen. Two journalists are discussing how judges make their decision, and the biases they allow to creep in. Nowhere is evaluation of parties’ argument is even mentioned as part of the procedure (leave alone it being the key — and for that matter, ONLY part of what should go on during judging). Instead, it appears that the judge decides at his will who’ll win, who’ll lose.

And that’s what bizarre (and very revealing) about this clip — both journalists take it for granted that this is how judging is ought to proceed. Not a word of protest or opposition is uttered. That’s how it is, and that’s it.

I wonder the reaction of those two if they read the Declaration of Independence — the part that lists illegalities and outrages committed in the colonies by the government of George III. I guess they would also just shrug their shoulders at the notion of billeting of solders in private homes or of taxation without representation, and say “so what? that’s the way of the world!”

Because that’s their reaction in the radio segment. Judges don’t follow judicial process, but rule arbitrarily? What’s there to see?

We notice outrageous things, but fail to notice that they are outrageous.

Are we so deaf that we can’t even hear what we ourselves say?

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