Dear British Moslem Leaders

August 12, 2006

Turning on the radio this morning, I was surprised by the news that British Moslem leaders published an “open letter”to Tony Blair, telling him that “his foreign policy in Iraq and on Israel offers ‘ammunition to extremists‘ and puts British lives ‘at increased risk‘.”

In other words – if you don’t want to suffer from terrorism, dear Brits and Americans, your foreign policy should be changed to make us, Moslems, happy. Else – your blood is on your hands. Be advised.

If this is not blackmail, what is? “Three of the four Muslim MPs, three of the four peers, and 38 organizations including the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Association of Britain” who signed the letter apparently see no problem with the warped view of the world that fosters Islamic terrorism. They do not see a need to educate their co-religionists in basics of co-existence that is part and parcel of the culture of their host country. Rather, they demands the surrender of British foreign policy to anti-Western interests.

Well, dear British Moslem MPs, peers, organizations, and the rest. Next time your write an open letter, start with the basics. First, spell out the advantages of living in Britain to living in the Moslem Middle East. Unquestionably, British freedoms will top your list. If freedom is good, dear MPs, etc, than why descend to the lowest level of populism, why push for accommodating intolerant Middle Eastern mobs, brainwashed and frenzied by the fanatical, idolatrous clergy? If you do wish your fellow-Moslems well, why not help them out of the hole of debasement of human spirit in which they currently find themselves?

Why not show them that claiming their reading of Islam as “true faith” merely makes them engrossed in idol-worship? (for the problem of the third party denies us the ability to know whether any so-called “prophet” – Mohammed including – spoke to God or not; all “revealed” religions, Islam including, are built on the idolatrous fallacy of overstepping the human ability to know). Why not help them pull themselves into freedom – freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom from delusional promises of the bordello paradise for blowing themselves up. Now that you live in the West, dear MPs etc, please help advance human civilization. At the very least, don‘t blackmail it into surrender.

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