CIP Poised for Change – component pdf files

Below are the component files for the Library of Congress’ study “CIP Poised for Change” retrieved from the page which is no longer maintained:

CIP poised for change web page

Table of contents  CStpcontentsacknow[1]

Introduction  CSintrobackground[1]

Executive summary CSexecsummary[1]

CIP Survey for MARC Customers CSdata-MARCcustomers[1]

CIP Survey for Libraries CSdata-libraries[1]

CIP Survey for Publishers CSdata-publishers[1]

Recommendations CSrecommendations[1]

Nexus–A CIP Strategy for the Future CSnexus[1]

Bibliography CSbibliography[1]

Appendix A: CIP Surveys CSsurveys[1]

Appendix B: CIP Guidelines for Summaries CSsummaries[1]




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