“Al-Qaida has regained strength.” Why?

It is always a shock to watch an excellent remedy for a particular problem fail utterly.
To wit, observe the case of a car with a flat tire, which remained impossible to drive even after the best mechanic in town changed its engine oil five times.
How strange!
Or what about this recent report: in its fight on terror, America does not try to disabuse her enemies of their bizarre (and plain wrong) claim that they are able of knowing who God talked to, and who He didn’t talk to, what He said, and what He didn’t say, what He wants us to do, and what He doesn’t want us to do, using instead a tactic of dividing the “true believers” into “moderates” who are nice and considerate, merely despising the “infidels” as inferior creatures, and the “extremists” who do not stop there. Not disabused of their nonsense, the “true believers” flock to the banners of al-Qaida in a quest for post-mortem virgins, with a result that “al-Qaida has used its safe haven along the Afghan-Pakistan border to restore its operating capabilities to a level unseen since the months before Sept. 11, 2001”.
How surprising!
And finally, this similarly puzzling piece of news. A gentleman was treated for dementia by removal of a bunion on his left toe – yet remained as stark raving mad after the surgery as he was before it.
How odd!
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